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Pro Social Manager


Manage All Your Social Media Accounts from One Platform

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Save yourself a whole lot of time, hassle, stress and money, using one simple ProSocial platform.  That way you won't have to learn, manage and keep up to date with multiple platforms​, leaving you to focus on getting the best results.

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All in One Place


Connect your social media accounts with only a few clicks and then you can:


  • View all Social Feeds
  • Follow / Un-Follow
  • Monitor Mentions
  • Monitor Keywords
  • Send Messages
  • Receive Messages
  • Create Instant Posts
  • Create Scheduled Posts
  • Create Rotation Posts
  • Much More



Full Automation


Take your social media campaings from the drawing board  into automation by:


  • Creating Groups
  • Creating Posts
  • Setting Scheduled Posts
  • Setting Recyle Posts
  • Sending Instant Posts
  • Sending Instant into Recycle Posts
  • Alerting Staff
  • Pulling in Keyword Posts
  • Pulling in Interaction Activity
  • Much More


World Class Support


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Although this software is highly intuitive, you can be sure I will be there for you if and when you need me to ensure you can start getting more business right away, without all the stress, hassle and worries normally associated with starting to use a new software for your business.


Should you want me to help you setup your first social media marketing campaigns or help you select the best times to send your posts, I'm only ever a phone call away.