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Unrivalled Capabilities, Speed and Ease of Use

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Manage your prospects with great ease, speed, precision and through one click actions like add to pipeline, course, event, create booking, create reminder and much, much more.

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Easy To Use CRM


Upload your prospects with  a simple Excel CSV file and:​


  • Assign Prospects to Specific staff​
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Create Custom Pipelines​
  • Set and Monitor Staff KPIs​
  • Monitor Contacts
  • Add Notes
  • Send Internal Messages
  • Pass on Prospects to Other Staff
  • Much More...

1 Click or Automation


Reduce your workload with automation and one click actions to:


  • Voip Call
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Add Event Attendees
  • Add Course Attendees
  • Send Documents
  • Send Auto Responders
  • Send Jump Off Responders
  • Much More...




1st Class Mentorship 


Although this software is highly intuitive, you can be sure I will be there for you if and when you need me to ensure you can start getting more business right away' without all the stress, hassle and worries normally associated with starting to use a new software for your business.


Should you want me to help you migrate all of your data from another software or setup your business for you, I'm only ever a phone call away. 

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