Why it's important to Get into your Body

What do you do when you're stuck?

What most of us do is go straight to our head. We think about what's happening. We try to be logical and think our way out of it.  We come up with plans. We instruct ourselves to “think harder”. When our thinking is what keeps us most stuck!

What do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

A lot of us simply push through. We push down those feelings. We think…

“I don't have time to deal with this.”

“I’ve just got to get on with things..…who else is going to do it?”

“I can't stop or break down....people are relying on me. I've just got to keep going!”

We don't give ourselves a break. We're not kind to ourselves. We don't treat ourselves like we would a best friend, a family member or colleague who’s telling you they’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, saying “I just can’t cope!”

We don't give ourselves any space. Because we spend our days in our head.

Perhaps you do notice things in your body like feelings of tension across the shoulders or in the jaw.  Feeling off-colour.  Perhaps you sometimes become aware of aches, pains, or niggles. All kinds of things may be going on in your body, yet how often do you actively and consciously decide to tune in?

To spend more time connecting?  I'm not talking about every minute of every day here, 24 hours a day.  What I'm talking about is some time, every. single. day.

During lockdown I've found it particularly important and effective to connect into my body through dancing.  And by doing this it more easily connects me to my heart and soul. It helps ‘get me out of my head’.

Now this may not be true for everyone immediately.  However when you try this for the first time it can help you become more aware of your thoughts in the moment, which might be something like “This is stupid,” “I look silly” or  “I’d be so embarrassed if anyone else could see me right now!”

And if you dance through any uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, it can often quickly get you to think about things differently.

I've used this ‘getting out of your head’ and ‘getting into your body’ as an integral part of the work that I've been doing in lockdown (a.k.a. cocooning).

Because especially now, as we try to figure out how to emerge safely over the coming weeks and months, we need space.  Space to enable ourselves to be more creative, to come up with answers, to tap into our intuition, to figure things out without ‘figuring things out in our head’!

No, this type of figuring out is joyful. It can be playful. It can be instantaneous. Often, when I have a question or an intention or a focus as I dance, things will occur to me either during the dance or immediately after when I journal.

So dancing is a great way for me to connect in with myself, to not get stuck in my head, but to connect into my body. And your body acts as a conduit to your heart and  soul. Physicality allows you to come from a place of integrity and authenticity, because it's coming from a deeper place.  From the real you, the highest you.  That part of you that you probably don't tap into very often?

This is why it’s important to get into your body….

If you like the idea of creating a little space, of allowing yourself to simply let go of the head thinking; of the thought processes, the worry, the stuckness or trying to figure it out. I'll be running more Dance of Leadership Journeys, and free Dance of Leadership workshops so you can experience exactly what I’m talking about.

These can be transformational. And at the very least they’ll give you a completely different way to explore how you emerge from this lockdown.  A different way to think about yourself, your business (or work), and your life.

So if you want or need to be more creative, to be more flexible and adaptable, to get clarity and to feel better about the process of moving forward, do check out my next free workshop or journey.

And in the meantime, I invite you to get into your body by putting on some music and dancing, and staying open to what comes up for you.

If you’d like help to create space and explore how to 'get into your body' and 'get out of your head' then I invite you to  check out my next free Dance of Leadership Workshops, or my 30 day online Dance of Leadership Journey.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay