What are some of the things, “insignificant in the big scheme of things, yet seemingly significant situations when you’re in the thick of them”, that can knock you off track?

There are still lots of them for me. Like meeting a 'me, me, me’ person at a networking event....in fact anywhere...the person who's clearly not listening to you, and can't wait to jump in with advice.  Or the ‘been there, got the T-shirt’ person who can’t wait to tell you their own much worse examples!  

However the difference for me now is that these situations no longer have the same hold on me. Or rather the feelings are more fleeting. I often don't stay in them for long. 

Because I recognise these feelings are generated by Me rather than being the result of what the other person is doing or saying. 

Noticing how and when you get knocked off track is a great way to start to see how it's actually Your Own Thinking in these situations that determines how you're feeling and your subsequent behaviour, NOT the external circumstance.  Your circumstances are neither positive nor negative. They simply are.

Don't believe me?  Considera time when a few people in the same situation have reacted very differently. 

For example, a group of team members who have been asked to do something they dislike. One argues, another moans and sulks, and another simply gets on with the task.  The circumstance is the same for all three yet their feelings and actions are different. 

If we bring this back to you. 

Consider a time when you've encountered the exact same external circumstance (like meeting that annoying person) immediately after you've received some great news, or you're simply at a time when you’re feeling particularly happy.

Might your experience have been different?  If so, what would have caused the change?  

The only difference would be your thinking!

If reading this opens up your perspective and has you thinking differently, great, because it means you're less likely to be knocked off track in future. Or at least like me, you’ll recognise it for what it is - a thought - and you’ll be able to let it go more quickly. 

If you'd like to explore this more then please reach out to schedule a chat. No pressure, No high sales. Simply an exploration and a commitment to move forward differently.