As we approach the time of the year when our thoughts turn to Christmas and the giving of gifts, it’s the ideal time to think about the gifts we can give to ourselves.  

The gift of time and space is a wonderful thing to give ourselves, yet many of us struggle to receive gifts from others, let alone from ourselves.

Think about the last time you were paid a compliment.  The last time someone praised you or thanked you for listening, for being patient, for being positive, caring… can substitute your own words here. It could be a multitude of things to do with your character or presence with them that they were grateful to you for.

What about the last time someone complimented the way you look?  They loved an item of clothing, your hairstyle, the colours you were wearing; or remarked on how happy, confident or self-assured you appeared. What was your response to the compliment?  What did you do or say?

It’s good to think of specific examples because although many of us love to give gifts to others and to offer compliments or praise, we can feel all kinds of emotions when we receive an unexpected gift or compliment ourselves.  Many of us, more often than we might think, simply don’t fully receive what’s being offered to us.

Now that may sound like a bold statement, but oftentimes we dislike the ‘wrapping’ our gift comes in. Because it doesn’t always come gift wrapped in a beautiful box tied up with bows and ribbons, it often comes wrapped in scrap paper or not wrapped at all!  Which means we don’t always even see the gift, or we discount it as something not worthy of our attention.

Or, we distrust the person’s motive, or the manner in which it’s said, because it feels clumsy or a bit vague.  And we discount the love, the meaning or the genuineness behind it. And we forget how much we ourselves love to give.  And how our enjoyment comes not only from the act of giving, but also from whether and how the person receives our gift.

Staying with the concept of gift wrapping…. sometimes we love the wrapping.  We can see it’s a gift, given freely and openly, or given with love or a genuine care.  Yet we still refuse to accept it, or we do so begrudgingly or with a feeling of embarrassment.  Thinking we’re being selfish, or arrogant, or...whatever words you’d use to describe that initial uncomfortable feeling.

Why is that?  

What is it that makes it so difficult to accept, claim and own the compliments and gifts we receive?  

And if we struggle with receiving, how can we possibly gift things to ourselves?

I mentioned the gift of time and space at the beginning.  In my opinion there is nothing we can give ourselves that will benefit us more.  Because we can do what we want in that time.

Whether that’s to tackle ‘difficult’ tasks you’ve been putting off… have a rest, a nap or some pamper time… read, walk or do something you love that fills you up and makes you feel energised.  The beauty of this gift is that it’s entirely up to you! You get to decide how to spend the free time and space you give yourself.

So what is it for you?  What could you do if you gave yourself the gift of one or two free hours?  Hours to do what will serve you best?

And what if you gifted yourself these regardless of the time of year, but also an ongoing gift?  What if you gifted them more than once, even on an ongoing basis?

What could you get done with focused attention and no interruptions or distractions?  What would be the impact for you? How much progress could you make on the stuff that’s clogging up your headspace and draining your energy currently?  

And what would that gift of time, space and focus be worth to you?   

I recommend you allow give yourself permission if you give yourself the gift of time and space, before you explore gifting to others as we approach the festive season.

And if you’d like some support to do this, I can help in two ways:

  1. Pick Your Price Coaching session (up to 60 minutes).  These telephone coaching calls are just for you, to discuss anything you’re struggling with, confused about, or anything at all that’s significant to you right now or you’d like to move on from. You get to choose how much to pay - £40, £60 or £75 for the session, and you'll receive exactly the same service and be under no further obligation.  Simply email me so we can get your call scheduled in.
  2. Just Do It! Sessions - two hours of focused work time.  The gift of uninterrupted time and space (at your own home or office), with my support and a group of like-minded individuals to keep you accountable during short video calls throughout our time together.  For further information click here.

I will also be providing Gift Cards during December, that you can use for yourself, whenever you feel in most need of support.  Email me for details.

Choose to give yourself the gift of time and space at any time, not simply on special occasions.  I urge you to choose right now, whether you want support from me or not (it’s simply more fun and often easier with the support of others.)  And whatever else you do, please do enjoy your gift….receive it fully. Your future self will thank you for it :-).