Tell us a little about who you are and what you do...

Hi, I'm Lorraine Hall.  Artist/Illustrator/Crafter at Flutter by Lorraine.  

Flutter has been running as a part time business alongside my teaching job for two and a half years. I create paintings using watercolours in my own particular style taking most of my inspiration from nature. I’m also inspired by positivity quotes that promote my own and others well being, and these feature on much of my art work. I take on commission work and also create personalised bespoke paintings, handmade cards and crafts.

What does success mean to you, right now?

Success to me means living a contented, happy life with a priority for work/life balance and gratitude for the little things that can often be overlooked.

This was the reason behind my leaving my full time teaching job two years ago to work part time and thus create more time for the things (and people) I enjoy. Whilst it has helped me to rediscover my love of teaching it has allowed me time to do what I love, with a passion, to spend time painting and creating. This brings a great sense of satisfaction and a huge sense of wellbeing. Flutter evolved mainly as an escape, a means of finding myself and the creativity I’d felt I’d lost and I never imagined that two and a half years later it would be a successful business that brings me so much pleasure. 

What do you love about what you do?

I’ve always loved to draw, paint and be creative. I left school with A level art and was keen even then to persue a creative career. I completed a degree in 3D Design glass with ceramics and hoped to become the next Alison Britton. A gap year later, a part time job at Beamish Museum and my hopes of my dream arty job unfulfilled, I decided to do what many others do, a PGCE in teaching. And teaching in the Early Years is what I’ve dedicated my work life to (and still do) for 25 years.  

Flutter allows me to be the creative I always have been, a time for ‘Me’. It’s escapism from the real world, a place where I can paint till my heart’s content and create artwork that also brings happiness to others. I especially love that I am able to create bespoke pieces of art /crafts for a meaningful purpose at the request of my customers. 

What do you find most challenging?

The most challenging aspect is ‘time’ or rather lack of it. Because most of my time at the beginning of the week is taken up with the demands of teaching, at certain times it can be difficult. I find when I’m working on a painting I become a little obsessed and that all I want to do is continue until it’s complete so it can be frustrating when other things get in the way. Teaching brings with it lots of extra demands so it can be a balancing act especially at busy times when orders are coming in quickly. I’m not comfortable with orders building up and like to get started on them straight away, mostly because they are so enjoyable to do. 

Recently I’ve found the sourcing of particular stock has become a challenge. It’s worrying if I’ve agreed to do an order then I can’t get stock or that it has increase so much in price that I have to rethink my prices. Pricing is a huge challenge for me as I still can’t really believe people are willing to pay me for my creations. 

What's your biggest achievement(s) to date?

This is not business related but my two biggest achievements are our daughters who are both beautiful souls and make me proud every day. 

Another big achievement for me was making the decision to teach part time as it opened up so many opportunities through ‘Flutter’ which I’d never have fulfilled. I consider it an achievement every time someone places an order and particularly when I’m approached to create something bespoke to them. 

And recently I completed a very exciting project, with my artwork appearing in an emotional wellbeing journal. For someone who dreamed for so long about having my illustrations published this has to be my biggest achievement yet.

What are your hopes and dreams for future success and happiness?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always dreamed about writing and illustrating books. My style of artwork lends itself to children’s books and I’ve already successfully trialled my artwork in school alongside a story written by a friend. 

I hope in the not so distant future to create a range of books that promote wellbeing in children (something very close to my heart). Our gorgeous rescue cat Molly, who features often on my social media channels will be the main character and teach children important messages such as resilience, empathy and kindness. It’d be a perfect way of combining my knowledge of little people,  passion for wellbeing and my love of painting. 

What's your best piece of advice for others wanting to feel more successful?

I’d say if you have a dream, don’t wait around for it to come to you, act on it. If you’re not happy go ahead and make the changes you need to live the life of your dreams. It takes hard work, determination and a lot of self belief but with these things in place along with lots of emphasis on your own self care, it can be done. 

‘Dream it, believe it, achieve it’

Written by Lorraine Hall.

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