As business leaders and managers it’s essential to have strategies to enable us to stay focused and keep our energy levels high. Because it’s the seemingly simple things that have a tendency to trip us up.

For example…………have you ever spoken to someone at a networking event who’s so full of themselves and how fabulously their business is doing it makes you want to throw up and leaves you feeling disillusioned and flat for the rest of the morning, or even the day?!

Have you had a potential client say no to your services when you expected them to say yes, leaving you feeling undervalued and frustrated for hours?

Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and thought everyone else seems so together and switched on, leaving you feeling small and insignificant?


Have you had conversations with people who are feeling down and demotivated, only to find yourself feeling down and demotivated too?

These are the ‘insignificant in the big scheme of things,’ yet seemingly significant situations when you’re in the thick of them, that can knock you off track. They drain your energy, make you feel bad, cause you to lose focus and as a result, make you less effective.

So here are some questions to check how much this applies to you………

  • How often are you aware of how you’re feeling?
  • What do you do about it when you become aware?
  • How long do you stay in an emotionally negative state?
  • How does this affect your motivation and productivity?

Top 3 Tips to help you maintain focus and keep your energy levels high

#1.  Know how you want to be feeling most of the time – when you’re at your most productive and motivated. Learn to recognise that feeling by paying attention to those times when you’re in the flow. Learn to be in the moment.

#2.  Become aware of when you’re not feeling good. Stop suppressing and trying to deny or push through your feelings and start to acknowledge them – actually take a few minutes to process them at the time you recognise them.

#3.  Develop strategies for dealing with these times when you’ve recognised and processed your feelings. Know what you’ll do next. It’s always easiest when you can think these things through BEFORE you‘re in a non-focused, non-productive, and demotivated state!

Bonus Tip to help with these……

Become more present and focused in each moment. Make a conscious effort not to dwell on the past or on the future.

Now I’m not saying never consider your past or your future here, but I am saying know that the thoughts, feelings, words, decisions and actions you make in the ‘here and now’ are what determines your future.

YOU create your future by who you’re being in each and every moment.

If you want a more successful future then learn success habits and integrate them into your daily life, at home and at work. Take charge, be responsible for your own energy and motivation levels and refuse to let others bring you down. When you can do these simple things well and consistently, you’ll be able to change your physiology in an instant, and give your current task your focused attention, so you become more productive, happier and healthier.

You CAN do this!

Let me know how you get on by leaving your comments here....