Before we come to the close of another year.  And before we get busy with all the extras we determine are essential at this time of year.  I encourage you to pause and reflect on your year so far…

Are you happy with where you are right now?  With what you’ve done and how you’ve been this year?

What about your work or business….Is it/you where you expected?  Are your goals and plans on track? Are you motivated and eagerly looking forward to the end of the year, or are you feeling disillusioned, demotivated, and frankly shattered, at this point in the year?

Whatever is true for you and however you’re feeling right now, it’s not too late to end your year on a high.  But it will take commitment. A commitment to yourself, and a commitment to your goals and your vision for this year.

I encourage you to take stock.  To spend a little time making notes on your progress, and on what’s meaningful to you for the rest of this year.  It’s important in my opinion to do this now, before the madness and busyness of November and December fully kick in!

If you’d like some help with this I have 3 spots available on the afternoon of Monday 5th November for a free coaching call, to help you get clear, get focused and get moving.  And when these spots are gone I’m offering calls on a ‘Pick Your Price’ basis, as my gift to you, during November and December. And no matter how much you pay you’ll be getting the same level of service as everybody else I coach.

These calls are not my way of selling to you, unless of course as a result of our conversation I think there are resources or programmes I believe will be helpful for you. In which case I will suggest them to you.  It would be remiss of me not to :-). And I am in business after all!

No, my primary aim with these calls is to get you clear on your focus and the right actions for you to reach your goals, and to feel good in the process.  Not simply by working harder...that’s never my intention, because we need to enjoy the process as much as the end result; otherwise in my opinion we’re simply working or striving through our life when it’s meant to be ‘lived’ fully and enjoyed.  So part of my work is always about helping you find the right balance for you. And part of it is helping you be as kind and compassionate to yourself as you are with other people.

So what will you do to end your year on a high?  There’s still time, if you act now.

And if you need my help and want to be in with the chance of reserving one of three FREE spots, simply email [email protected], and let’s set up that call.  Even if you’re not in the first three the ‘Pick Your Price’ model means that you can choose how much you want to pay - £40, £60 or £75 for the session (with no further obligation.)

Simply email me, and let me know if you have any questions