Today is the first in a series of client interviews, showcasing their work and also covering their thoughts on working with me. Michelle Endersby is a rose artist, based on the opposite side of the world to me, in Melbourne, Australia.

Michelle shares the unusual and inspiring story of how she became a rose artist, and we discuss the importance and benefits of Keeping in Touch with clients, and those interested in what we do.

Michelle does this via her monthly newsletter 'Arts, Gardens and Always Roses.' Her consistency with this has made her more joyfully productive, and live a more creative and inspiring life. And it inspires and engages her community, who get to know her, and some of whom become clients and create diverse opportunities for her and her business.

If you've been wondering about starting a newsletter, you think you 'should', or you write one and it's become a chore, then listen in and get ready for some inspiration and ideas!

(Sorry for the abrupt ending Michelle! I obviously stopped the recording before allowing you to say goodbye!)


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