Continuing my series of client interviews, showcasing their work and also covering their thoughts on working with me. Chris Pentney is a folk music agent for folk and traditional music at Sharper Than, based in NE England.

Chris shares her passion for music and performance and why it's so important. She also talks about how she encourages, supports and promotes music and the arts through her business, Sharper Than. And how it helps communities, venues, and the general public, as well as artists and musicians themselves.

If you've been wondering how to stand out in your marketplace, and how to market effectively, then listen in for inspiration and ideas. And if you're looking for something different for your wedding, a ceili or corporate event, then do get in touch with Chris.


Links mentioned:

Chris' website. If you're a promoter, venue, club or festival organiser you can get on her mailing list to keep up to date with tour periods, availability and artist news.

My small group coaching, Success Club Personal, that Chris belongs to -

Other ways to connect with Chris:
[email protected]

If you're interested in working with me yourself, visit my Services page for the different ways we can work together.