I was having a conversation with my guide recently about authenticity...about how authentic we really are, about how much we even know what that means and how much we allow ourselves to be. 

I call her my guide, and that's what I call myself these days too. Other people might call us coaches, mentors, or experts. But essentially, we both guide people to understand themselves better, and she's helping me go even deeper, and explore further. 

I digress!  Back to our conversation……

One of the things I recognised was that just a few years ago, I probably wouldn't have said that I needed to explore even more.  I'd done so much personal development, I'd written a book. I naively thought “I've been there and got the t-shirt!”   

Yet this is so far from the truth. Because we're human beings.  We're alive. And most of us really don't know much about ourselves. There's so much hidden that we just don't go into, that we don't explore because it's scary or we simply don’t see the point! 

Authenticity to me means understanding yourself more fully, loving the real you, the highest You.  And I recognise now that this is an ever evolving journey. That many people talk about it. Indeed I’ve been talking about it for a long time…..talking about how to be fully yourself, how to feel empowered, to stand in that power, to be yourself, to be unafraid to be yourself, to be congruent and aligned in your thoughts, words and actions. 

Yet what I'm now realising is that when we talk about authenticity, many of us are not fully embodying it ourselves. Let me explain...

How to be authentic is not a conscious knowing, because it’s difficult to learn in the traditional sense.  It can be pointed to. We can be shown the direction in which to look. Yet it has to be experienced personally.  We have to know it internally; not intellectually but in our spiritual and physical body.

It’s a knowing through experiencing rather than a knowing through learning!

And what most of us are doing, when we think about authenticity and knowing and understanding ourselves, is we’re still looking for the answers outside of ourselves. We're looking externally.  For the missing piece. That last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. The magic pill.  

And that's entirely the wrong place to look!  We need to look inside. 

But of course it’s not as simple as it sounds.  Because we need the willingness, curiosity and openness to walk towards the scary unknown, rather than let fear stop us in our tracks. 

And not many of us are willing to do that, because that means accepting, or at least being open to the possibility, that there is something more that we're not authentically bringing to the world.  

Something more to explore in ourselves. 

Not in order to wallow in our issues, challenges or problems. But so that we can pull on the threads we find.  

We don’t even need to move them out of the way. It's more about transcending.  It's about them no longer having the same power over you. Because you see them for what they are - not the real, true You. 

When we experience this for ourselves, we don't have to think about “how can I put myself out there?” “How can I be myself?” “What will people think?”  Because we eventually ‘get’ that it really doesn't matter what other people think. 

That if we feel called to do something, if we know that we have good intentions, that we’re coming from our heart and soul, then we can overcome that fear.  Or rather the fear dissipates. That desire to be ourselves, to show ourselves to the world, gets greater than that fear of being judged.

To sum up, I believe authenticity is often misunderstood and misrepresented.  

Yes it’s something others get a sense of, but it’s much more about what You experience about yourself, and then demonstrate in the world.  

And there is always more to explore…..a fuller, deeper, more whole expression of You.

And that’s a wonderful thing, because it's about living. It's about having a wild free life, where you can fully live into your potential. 

If you'd like to explore authenticity - who you're being, how you're getting in your own way - then please reach out to schedule a chat. No pressure, No high sales. We’ll explore your potential. Because I can help you see the truth in You and empower you to go out and do your thing and to Be More.